More Chinese Toys

There’s something magical about the toys you can find at the “Chinese shop” – those shops which sell completely unlicensed or nonsensical items that no one asked for. Here’re some of my latest finds and please excuse the dreadful quality, I took these photos with a potato.

There’s nothing wrong with a sports watch but why is this one being sold in a test tube? Does this pose a risk to health or need to contain remain seeped in oxygen from Guangdong province?
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VLANs with a HP Switch

With some experience in VLANs from “Ciscoland” (Cisco switches) from work, when it came time to set up my own home with an isolated IoT VLAN for IP cameras I was utterly mystified as I’m using HP gear (2910al series) – for something which is an industry standard the implementation of VLANS couldn’t be more different between the two (I’ve read the HP way is the better way). It didn’t click until I read literally hundreds of articles, blogs, forum posts and documentation so I wanted to put it out there from my perspective. I won’t discuss how I configured pfSense except to note I started by creating the VLAN, giving it a DHCP server, setting explicit rules to keep the traffic away from the LAN and WAN networks and had it run through the same cable as the default VLAN (normal traffic).

Klaus’ First Day on the Job

This German forklift training video starts off as you’d expect as we follow Klaus graduating from forklift training and his first day on the job. Everything gets out of control very quickly, this is a hilarious video with subtitles but warning it’s very gory (in an 80s b horror type of way).

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Test New SD Cards/USBs

I just received a 128GB MicroSD card off Amazon, as I type this I’m verifying that it is what it claims to be, an actual 128GB of thumbnail-sized storage. The sad reality is you can trust no vendor regardless of how reputable, brick and mortar or online, because anywhere in the supply chain counterfeits could crop up. The fakes typically have a smaller amount of storage than listed and falsely display the desired size to your computer or device, but in reality once the volume is full your data gets overwritten and is unrecoverable. To build trust I’m using H2testw:

H2testw is a small (less than 500kb!) free and handy portable app which you point at a target and it will write to every part of it, then read it back to verify the integrity. Check it out at The Portable Freeware Collection.

Pokemon Go

I’ve been playing Pokemon Go on and off since 2016, it’s still a fun game. Don’t mind the music in the background (bit of everything).

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OneDrive Woes

Today I had a real pickle of a problem to untangle for a teacher. We’re leveraging Microsoft’s cloud as much as we can, which means going all-in with Teams, Office 365 and naturally OneDrive. It wasn’t to be for this teacher however, a kind-hearted co-worker assisted her in setting up OneDrive to always keep her Desktop, Documents and other data always in the cloud during a PD event focused on Teams. This caused nothing but confusion and disarray as it seemed the actual locations were all symbolically linked to the OneDrive folder – she couldn’t find her data and for a while we (the tech I work with) and I couldn’t find them, until I found the recursion. Folders inside folders inside folders. The filename length limit exceeded, things not working as they should.


I tried to make a smiley face pancake like in the life hack videos…

It wasn’t just children crying today.
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Self Hosted to Managed JAMF Pro

If you know me or have read enough of my ramblings you’d know I work in education administrating close to 1,000 iPads. The logical solution for managing this amount of devices is an MDM and the one we leverage is JAMF. I’ve known about the adoption and widespread conversions to cloud since the last JAMF conference I attended, I think the statistic was 70% and when I saw the benefits I was sold; who wouldn’t want to lose the headaches associated with keeping another vital system up and running. Windows updates, Java updates, SQL updates, not to mention the overhead and resources allocated (despite being virtualised it’s still cranking power), maintaining backups, proxies, SSL certificates and more. The only thing holding us back was the cost which thanks to subsidization, this renewal period was brought below on-premises price.


I’m really rocking this new song they’ve added to DJ MAX – the song, the video, the K-Pop… this is my new favorite.

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Happy Australia Day

Someone ripped an Australia flag off my car while I was grocery getting this morning. Disappointing but the sentiment can continue here! 🇦🇺

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