Good morning and welcome back to my blog. Another year has passed and now it’s 2021. I’d taken a break to recover from my surgery (nothing major don’t worry) and consume content but it’s time to create again. Truthfully one of the things holding me back was lack of a quiet keyboard – I was using a mechanical from Amazon and while it’s a delight to type on it’s noisey as heck – I can’t disturb everyone at home especially late at night when I suspect I would have the most time to blog. I’d been searching for a quiet keyboard and decided I’d like scissor switch keys like you’d find on a notebook instead of a generic membrane keyboard. I found this Rapoo from Big W for a good price:

It’s a 9300M and there’s definitely a learning curve to it. I find some of the keys I have to press harder (particularly backspace) and I’m making mistakes but will surely get used to it. The old adage you get what you pay for is true, for the RRP I would be disappointed but at $39 it’s acceptable.

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