A Saucy Lifehack

Did you know MasterFoods make a 920ml squeezy bottle of Tomato Sauce? It’s big and bulky, but they can get away with it having invented the concept of a squeezy Tomato Sauce in 1997.

That’s a big sauce.

It was from here I drew inspiration for my greatest innovation of all time…

The 4L Fountain Tomato Sauce bottle of power. My children absolutely love tomato sauce and tend to go overboard which is what prompted me to make this purchase. I grafted the lid from an Aldi brand sauce and every time I bring this monstrosity to the dinner table the room falls silent and I, feeling like I’m wielding the mighty Excalibur of cuisine dining, feel like I’m going to set our kitchen table ablaze (it does look remarkably similar to a petrol container).

One positive is I get to be the Ketchup Administrator. If you want to wield this power follow the link above to find it on Amazon.

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