If you've clicked on the About Justin link you either want to learn more about me or are lost. Either way you're going to learn more about me. ­čÖé

I currently and have always lived in the beautiful northern suburbs of  Melbourne, Australia. I work for the Victorian Department of Education and Training as a Computer Technician and have four children (before you ask yes I do own a TV, it's just rarely used). I'm passionate about technology, cars, video gaming, TV/movies, alternate timelines and realities, and testing limits.

You could say I'm agnostic in what technology I use and recommend, as long as it does what it's supposed to and works relatively well with other technology there's no issue. Something I do care about is privacy and would like to remind you that not everything is truly free, if you're not sure what something's costing you it could be your privacy, but again, if you're willing to pay with it there's no issue.

I do enjoy retro video games and am particularly fond of Sega, not just playing the games but following the history and development of the hardware as software. My current weapon of choice is a Windows based gaming computer - it just works.

Politics and Religion
There's no point getting into politics or religion because I'm just a guy on the internet and will probably never mention either in the blog, though I will call things how I see them.