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Based on the numerous leaks and rumors of Apple shifting to the use of their own processors in 2021, abandoning Intel as they did IBMs PowerPC architecture in 2006 I’ve come up with some predictions. Note I’m not an industry pundit this is just my guess – if I’m right I’ll bring it up later, if not this post will fade into the depths of obscurity.

The original Mac Mini from 2005, originally touted as the most affordable Mac at the time of its release.

• Mac Mini around the size of an Apple TV, stylized like a Mac Pro – selling point is it’s silent featuring no fans, powered by USB-C and will be able to draw power from their monitor providing a single cable solution with Bluetooth peripherals. Fixed storage/memory and non-upgradable akin to an iPad. Perhaps it can dock into the back of a newly designed monitor to turn the monitor into an iMac. Maybe the iMac will be discontinued in favor of this new approach? I think will be the cheapest Mac Mini ever produced.

• MacOS will get a new numbering scheme relative to iOS/tvOS/iPadOS and be based on the latter dropping the location based naming schema. The core will be rewritten for a desktop and everything will perform remarkably faster than on the Intel platform – they will use percentage numbers when detailing this as they enjoy doing – 100% faster?

• Compatibility with all iPadOS apps – they’ll need this to sell the machines; what good is a platform without applications. They will announce they’ve been working with big players like Adobe behind the scenes to have desktop ready applications available from day 1.

• I can’t imagine them making a convertible like the Microsoft Surface line as it will cannibalize iPad sales, maybe the highest end iPad would run the new MacOS however (with the ability to run all iPad apps).

• Lightning ports on all of the ARM based Macs so they can use every existing product that features a lightning port (this is unlikely).

It’s a lot of fun to speculate and sadly what eventuates could be boring incremental changes but we’ll wait and see.

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