As I sit in the waiting room at one of the only GPs in the area open at this time of the morning I've got some time to reflect. It looks like there's five people in front of me and there's no doctor here. So what's wrong? I woke up with a highly inflamed uvura (the thing that dangles in your throat) and couldn't breathe, and every time I swallow it burns.

I might as well follow up on how I'm going with my new decades resolution; poorly. I've been eating bad, not exercising and remarkably I've put on 3KG! I think it's too hard to start something like that on holidays because there's no structure in my days, I'll try but I can only last a few hours before giving in.

Our Aldi TV died last week, I think we'd had it for just over a year. It was the backlight, everything else works as expected but it's very dark. We got a Hisense to replace it which seems like a better unit and it has a 3 year warranty.

I put an Australia flag on my car for Australia Day. I know, I know Chinese manufactured consumerism but I saw it at Coles and couldn't help myself.

I know this post is all over the place, sorry.