Australia Doesn’t Exist

I’ll admit I’m guilty of indulging in conspiracy theories from time to time, they’re an interesting distraction with thought experiments ranging from a shadow cabal ruling the world to aliens, an Australian prime minister being abducted by the Soviets to Epstein not killing himself. While I’m sure there’s always some truth among even the most outlandish or absurd theories (off topic but I think my fascination was born watching The X-Files in the early 90s) I feel I can objectively rationalize fact from fiction, and in being part of many sites theorists interact online I’ve seen a certain gullibility from users getting up in arms without attempting to fact check or verify sources. Another contributor I imagine is lack of experience in life. Imagine my delight when I saw this discussion:

I don’t exist.

Since the truth is out of the bag I’m going to disclose everything. First of all it’s true that the continent of Australia doesn’t exist, where it should be there is nothing to see except water. At the depths of where the Indian and South Pacific oceans converge is the buried ruins of the ancient island Atlantis. Everything you see in the media is actually a psy-op and “Australia” actually exists as a media test-bed where governments of the world make up stories shot in studios using special effects to create content to see how a populace would react. The most recent of course was Melbourne’s 2020 lock down to see how the portrayal of a modern western society being forced to stay home would influence those abroad before their own governments acted accordingly.

All Australian animals are fake – koalas are actually painted racoons with funny ears, kangaroos are a brown bear/dog hybrid created by a government research project using Nazi research from the 60’s through Operation Paperclip and the platypus – I’m sure you’d already worked out that crazy thing was a test to see if anyone would believe such a creature could exist. All animals at zoos are animatronic robots using advanced alien technology to seem more realistic than is thought possible, this is why they’re securely locked up – it’s not to protect you from the animals but from the truth.

The NSA are after me so I’ll finish up by reporting that they’re planning something big for 2021

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