Taking a Break

I’ve decided to take a break from blogging for a while, it’s been fun. I have some drafts mostly typed up and might finish them. So you don’t forget me here’s a Spotify playlist with my liked music I put on shuffle, there should be over 400 but I usually skip most of them.


Do NOT Handle the Donuts

I’ve been standing here for 10 minutes waiting for someone to put donuts in my basket, I had to go with muffins.
Creepy Food and Drinks

Creepy Anthropomorphic Produce

While I was trying to find a photo of my old car for the last post I stumbled upon something which made me feel uncomfortable, and now I’m posting it here so you can suffer too. I’ve taken photos of some creepy produce mascots in my time (hey we all have odd hobbies).

That smile.

Kia Carnival

If you knew me in 2017 you might remember I had a Kia Grand Carnival VQ which met an untimely end due to a complete engine failure. I vowed to never again own a Kia but it was short-lived as I eventually moved on to a smaller Kia Rondo; an uncommon compact 7 seat MPV with a diesel engine, a car I loved and inherited from my wife when she upgraded.

With its svelte dimensions for its seating capacity the Rondo proved inappropriate as a daily driver when I became the family’s primary child-mover/taxi driver this year. Seemingly forgetting about my disastrous experience a few months earlier my wife purchased another Kia Grand Carnival VQ, this time the series 2 with a different engine which has been without issue except excessive fuel consumption. Last week we swapped, the Carnival is now mine and the Rondo hers.

It’s a large vehicle.
Funny Weird

Atrocious Medieval Cats

Touted as the era of ignorance and superstition, the middle ages were also terrifying if historic artwork is to be taken literally. Have you ever seen a painting of a medieval cat?

What a handsome little… hey that’s messed up.

While it would be easy to dismiss this as the work of someone who’s only been told what a cat looks like but has never laid eyes upon one I can assure you that’s not the case, and no – cats didn’t manifest human features.

A Bad Time

A Bad Time: Dendrocnide Moroides

There are a lot of things on and off this beautiful planet we call home which could cause one to have a bad time. As I identify them I want to, nay I am compelled to share them on DARKCOLD to quench a curiosity you may or may not have felt; one of dread, existential crisis or impending doom. Yay! What could warrant such a post? I present:

Huh, it’s just a plant?

This plant has stingers so painful some have opted to commit suicide to rid them of their pain. The even crazier thing? People will eat the fruit after removing the stingers. Why would you people do this?!

Wikipedia has some more information. I’m not leaving the house again.


Some Favourite Music Videos

Here are some music videos I appreciate for their memorable visuals, storytelling or that complement their respective songs really well. You’re not going to agree with all of them but you might find some entertainment and even enjoyment.

Fully CG dancers have some solid moves.
Food and Drinks

My Cheese Burger

Not even two nights have passed since I tried the new Cheesy Beef burger from Maccas and as interesting as it was, I couldn’t help to think about how I would approach making something similar.

A quick dinner

A Saucy Lifehack

Did you know MasterFoods make a 920ml squeezy bottle of Tomato Sauce? It’s big and bulky, but they can get away with it having invented the concept of a squeezy Tomato Sauce in 1997.

That’s a big sauce.

It was from here I drew inspiration for my greatest innovation of all time…

My Projects Technology

Using a Motherboard RGB Header to Power a Tiny 12v fan

Why would one do such a thing? It’s going to take a few posts to flesh out this situation but I wanted to share something interesting. If you have a need to power a tiny 12v fan, like this one I ordered from Amazon you can draw power from your motherboards JRGB header/s (if you’re not using them for lighting). I’m using an MSI B450M Mortar motherboard and was thinking of a way to power the small fan:

Is the fan diminutive or do I have remarkably large fingers?