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Prime Minister Asked to Get Off the Grass

This is hilarious and quite odd, I would wonder why the Prime Minister of Australia is standing outside my house too.

Funny Weird

Chinese Shop Toys

I affectionately call those small stores you’d find in a local shopping center Chinese Shops, so named because everything they sell originates from China and is usually unlicensed or poorly constructed (they do sell cheap cards and wrapping paper though, a good value to be certain). I present to you some interesting toys I’ve captured for your entertainment during a recent trip.

Everyone’s favorite crime fighting team! The Supre Heroes featuring skinny Spiderperson, Blue Smorf, Iron-Man Lite, Donatello, Modern Smurf and the Credible Hulk
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Home Automation – Garage Opener

I am a big proponent of home automation and have been tinkering since at least 2011. Today I’m going to share how I’ve connected my Garage door to the internet. This is by no means a comprehensive guide and you will want to find the installation/setup documentation provided by your automatic garage door manufacturer.

My objective was to be able to open and close my garage door remotely. We’d been doing this with a WeMo Maker since the early 2010s because our garage remotes are trash but it became unreliable and required constant reprogramming, plus it didn’t integrate well with our ambient computing Alexa’s and Siri’s.

After some research I found what I was looking for on eBay, a generic WiFi gate opener that supported Alexa and IFTTT:

Just like the one above.

Sega’s Next Console is Another Retro Mini

Or should that say Micro? In a shock move and something I wish Nintendo would do with their Gameboy series of consoles, Sega will be bringing their second console to market after the demise of the Dreamcast, the Game Gear Micro to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the company.

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I had these shared on my old blog so I thought I’d add them here as they’re still on YouTube. No particular target audience, just fun projects.

Me beating Tetris Effect (I’m not great and very indecisive at this level – funny viewing)

Gang of Monkeys Attacked Lab Assistant and Escaped with COVID-19 Blood Samples in India

What. Science Times reports:

A bizarre incident in India happened wherein a group of monkeys decided to attack a health care worker before escaping with blood samples of COVID-19. Reports said that the monkeys were, later on, spotted chewing the stolen testing kits while resting in a tree.

Fortunately the vials were undamaged but it’s indeed a frightening prospect. You can read the article here.


Upgrading the SSD in a Vostro 5490 without Reinstalling Windows 10

When I purchased my Vostro 5490 I chose to upgrade the internal SSD myself. I did this because of some nice cost savings and being able to choose my own level of performance and capacity. I’ll provide a rough guide of my workflow, if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below! I used Clonezilla; there are many tools that can get the job done but this is one I use at work frequently and am usually pleased with the results. This is a rough guide catered towards the Vostro, use it in conjunction with the official Clonezilla documentation.

For this guide you’ll need:
• New M.2 NVMe SSD
• Spare USB stick with 2GB free (for Rufus)
• A USB Hard Drive with more free space than your current SSD
Rufus and Clonezilla software (both free)



The comments for DARKCOLD get held in a moderation queue until I approve them. This is why:

Interesting because I’ve wondered how much something like this would cost and how they operate, of course if the people operating that service are unscrupulous enough to spam people who’s to say you’d ever get results for your evil investment?

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The $75 Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-B

Some people collect stamps, others coins; some will even accumulate taxidermy. I’m no different except my thing is technology. I have boxes of game consoles from the 90s, tablet computers, mobile phones… I used to collect desktop computers too until space (and my wife) intervened. I’m still allowed notebook computers however and that’s what I’m writing about today. I found this Toshiba R50-B on eBay for $75 and for my coin I got the notebook, charger and a travel case. Neat.


Dell Vostro 5490 Unboxing and Review

Ordered on the 24th April from Dell’s website, my Vostro 5490 is equipped with an Intel i5 10210u, 8GB of memory, a 256GB M.2 NVMe SSD and Intel graphics. I could have chosen to add a discreet Nvidia graphics solution for $50 AUD more (at the time, pricing has changed) but knew my workflow and the trouble that would cause with Linux and dual graphics down the line. The Vostro arrived on the 18th of May – about ten days earlier than the date they estimated when I placed the order (I believe they’re conservative in their shipping estimates). I’d been trying to track the package to no avail, it just randomly arrived at the door in the morning. While I was waiting for the delivery I received a phone call from Vennela at Dell who introduced herself as my own small business advisor and asked a few questions about what sort of business I’m involved in (it’s a small business notebook and I filled in the business section when I placed my order – my business being this website 😁). She was great and it’s good knowing I’ve got a direct contact from the company if I need to do some more ordering or need support.