Blue Iris and Home Assistant

I’ve started to explore Home Assistant (why didn’t I give it a try sooner?) and started to get devices and sensors integrated. I’ve got it installed as a virtual machine in Unraid because I wanted to have the HA OS install version as opposed to running it in Docker, so I could access Supervisor among other features. Something I wanted was to display a camera from Blue Iris directly in the dashboard.

There are a few ways to get integration with Blue Iris but all I wanted was to have a card on the HA Lovelace dashboard that would always show the feed from a particular camera (the front door). I won’t get into great detail as the process is pretty straight forward, just a few tweaks to Blue Iris and adding the card to Home Assistant to get the desired result.

First in Blue Iris, I’ll assume you’ve already got the web interface working. Go to the Blue Iris Settings, Web Server tab, advanced button and you’ll want to configure it like this:

The one to make it work is to Allow <iframe> tags

Allowing <iframe> tags lets the Blue Iris web interface be embedded into another web page (Lovelace). Without this every browser and the HA app threw errors or just displayed an empty square. I also require authentication from Non-LAN devices only so I don’t have to enter credentials, but you’ll need to review your security and decide if this is appropriate for yourself.

Now to add it to Lovelace. You’ll want to create a webpage card with your URL like so:


You can also adjust the parameters by tweaking the URL. I’m playing around with the cameras so use your imagination, but the results should look something like this:

It’s day one, I’m still working on getting things integrated.

There are more advanced methods to get tighter integrations or even alternatives like accessing the cameras directly. This method is simple and there’s no need to install additional components, repositories, edit the configuration.yaml, etc.