A Bad Time

A Bad Time: Dendrocnide Moroides

There are a lot of things on and off this beautiful planet we call home which could cause one to have a bad time. As I identify them I want to, nay I am compelled to share them on DARKCOLD to quench a curiosity you may or may not have felt; one of dread, existential crisis or impending doom. Yay! What could warrant such a post? I present:

Huh, it’s just a plant?

This plant has stingers so painful some have opted to commit suicide to rid them of their pain. The even crazier thing? People will eat the fruit after removing the stingers. Why would you people do this?!

Wikipedia has some more information. I’m not leaving the house again.

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Boston Molassacre

Hilarious pun but tragic disaster, in the year 1919 21 people lost their lives to a flood of molasses.

A literal sticky situation.

A large storage tank filled with 2.3 million US gal (8,700 m3)[3] weighing approximately 13,000 short tons (12,000 t) of molasses burst, and the resultant wave of molasses rushed through the streets at an estimated 35 mph (56 km/h), killing 21 and injuring 150.[4] The event entered local folklore and residents claimed for decades afterwards that the area still smelled of molasses on hot summer days.[5][4]


You can read the Wikipedia article here. It’s events like this that lead to the safer world we live in today, and there’s always a lesson to learn from history.

A Bad Time Food and Drinks

Most Caffeine in Soft Drinks is Synthetically Produced in China

Naturally extracted caffeine is burned out from heated-up coffee beans. But most of the caffeine used in soft drinks is actually synthetically produced in Chinese pharmaceutical plants. After visiting one of these plants — the world’s largest, in fact — Carpenter can only describe it as “sketchy.”


You can read the article from 2014 over at NPR. Too bad I’m a caffeine addict.

A Bad Time

I Should Have Been Watching my Weight

I used to use this smart scale to weigh large/bulky packages (I’d weigh myself with and without a package and the difference was the packages weight). Luckily it was tempered glass but that crunch sound continues to resonate in my mind.