Dell Vostro 5490 Unboxing and Review

Ordered on the 24th April from Dell’s website, my Vostro 5490 is equipped with an Intel i5 10210u, 8GB of memory, a 256GB M.2 NVMe SSD and Intel graphics. I could have chosen to add a discreet Nvidia graphics solution for $50 AUD more (at the time, pricing has changed) but knew my workflow and the trouble that would cause with Linux and dual graphics down the line. The Vostro arrived on the 18th of May – about ten days earlier than the date they estimated when I placed the order (I believe they’re conservative in their shipping estimates). I’d been trying to track the package to no avail, it just randomly arrived at the door in the morning. While I was waiting for the delivery I received a phone call from Vennela at Dell who introduced herself as my own small business advisor and asked a few questions about what sort of business I’m involved in (it’s a small business notebook and I filled in the business section when I placed my order – my business being this website 😁). She was great and it’s good knowing I’ve got a direct contact from the company if I need to do some more ordering or need support.