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Using a Motherboard RGB Header to Power a Tiny 12v fan

Why would one do such a thing? It’s going to take a few posts to flesh out this situation but I wanted to share something interesting. If you have a need to power a tiny 12v fan, like this one I ordered from Amazon you can draw power from your motherboards JRGB header/s (if you’re not using them for lighting). I’m using an MSI B450M Mortar motherboard and was thinking of a way to power the small fan:

Is the fan diminutive or do I have remarkably large fingers?
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Apple Predictions

Based on the numerous leaks and rumors of Apple shifting to the use of their own processors in 2021, abandoning Intel as they did IBMs PowerPC architecture in 2006 I’ve come up with some predictions. Note I’m not an industry pundit this is just my guess – if I’m right I’ll bring it up later, if not this post will fade into the depths of obscurity.

The original Mac Mini from 2005, originally touted as the most affordable Mac at the time of its release.