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Atrocious Medieval Cats

Touted as the era of ignorance and superstition, the middle ages were also terrifying if historic artwork is to be taken literally. Have you ever seen a painting of a medieval cat?

What a handsome little… hey that’s messed up.

While it would be easy to dismiss this as the work of someone who’s only been told what a cat looks like but has never laid eyes upon one I can assure you that’s not the case, and no – cats didn’t manifest human features.

A Bad Time Food and Drinks Weird

Boston Molassacre

Hilarious pun but tragic disaster, in the year 1919 21 people lost their lives to a flood of molasses.

A literal sticky situation.

A large storage tank filled with 2.3 million US gal (8,700 m3)[3] weighing approximately 13,000 short tons (12,000 t) of molasses burst, and the resultant wave of molasses rushed through the streets at an estimated 35 mph (56 km/h), killing 21 and injuring 150.[4] The event entered local folklore and residents claimed for decades afterwards that the area still smelled of molasses on hot summer days.[5][4]


You can read the Wikipedia article here. It’s events like this that lead to the safer world we live in today, and there’s always a lesson to learn from history.

Funny Weird

Prime Minister Asked to Get Off the Grass

This is hilarious and quite odd, I would wonder why the Prime Minister of Australia is standing outside my house too.

Funny Weird

Chinese Shop Toys

I affectionately call those small stores you’d find in a local shopping center Chinese Shops, so named because everything they sell originates from China and is usually unlicensed or poorly constructed (they do sell cheap cards and wrapping paper though, a good value to be certain). I present to you some interesting toys I’ve captured for your entertainment during a recent trip.

Everyone’s favorite crime fighting team! The Supre Heroes featuring skinny Spiderperson, Blue Smorf, Iron-Man Lite, Donatello, Modern Smurf and the Credible Hulk

Gang of Monkeys Attacked Lab Assistant and Escaped with COVID-19 Blood Samples in India

What. Science Times reports:

A bizarre incident in India happened wherein a group of monkeys decided to attack a health care worker before escaping with blood samples of COVID-19. Reports said that the monkeys were, later on, spotted chewing the stolen testing kits while resting in a tree.

Fortunately the vials were undamaged but it’s indeed a frightening prospect. You can read the article here.