Hot Dog Stand

Have I ever posted about the Windows 3.1 theme that was Hot Dog Stand? I have fond memories of playing around with every single pre-installed application and configuring every feature of our family computer back in the day which had Windows 3.1 installed (and yes, I did break this computer on one of my learning adventures when I must have been 7 years old by deleting system files to have more room to install some games from floppies), this theme being one of them. It was bright, it was atrocious, but it was included as a default theme option in every copy of Windows 3.1. Have you ever seen Hot Dog Stand? Here’s a screenshot:

You better believe I was rocking this colour scheme.

So what’s the deal with this… acquired taste of a theme? If you didn’t work it out, it gets its name from the colours which are red for tomato sauce (ketchup) and yellow for mustard. Rumor has it the theme was designed by a professional designer at Microsoft who was given the challenge of designing the worst possible theme she could come up with.

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