About Justin

My hair has returned to the default “dark brown” but I like this photo.

Hello and welcome to my blog! Living in the beautiful northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia I’ve always had a passion for technology and trying to understand what makes things tick. My parents were disappointed with the amount of toys and electronics I’d broken as a child but I promise it was a mission to discover and explore. The first computer we had growing up was a Commodore 16 rocking the cassette drive to load software. This was replaced by a 486 with Windows 3.1 which I promptly broke by deleting system files to free up space so I could install (from floppy disks) some games of the era.

Speaking of gaming it’s been an on and off amusement for my entire life (during my teens I would buy and sell used games and consoles to make a living and led my Quake 2 clan to near-champion status) but my interests have always pivoted between tech, cars, design, gaming, TV and family.

I’d made my first website when I was maybe 9 years old using Microsoft Frontpage, Geocities and an FTP client. This passion led to a move to Dreamweaver where I learned more about HTML and CSS, and started using tools like Photoshop and Corel for designing artwork and image edits. I eventually moved on to PHP and SQL based solutions and turned my attention to prebuilt CMS systems (close enough to what you’re reading this page on!).

My tinkering nature transferred well into the cars I’d owned but motivation was lost after discovering that they’re a depreciating asset after writing off my first car. I’ll do what I can with them but these days I mostly leave things as they are (except stereos – I love to listen to music).

I wanted to enter the I.T. sector since I was a teen and even got certified but one thing led to another and I ended up staying in retail becoming a department 2IC (having a family to support made it hard to take the plunge). I left retail and living off my accrued long service leave I applied for and was honored to land my current job as a technician in a school supporting nearly 1,000 users. The formal title is a misnomer however because I act as the system administrator managing user accounts and credentials, keeping the servers running and up to date, balancing my departments budget, exploring ways we can do things better and probably most satisfying of all I get to fix peoples tech problems.

My motto is “If the solutions work well and integrate there’s no issue.” and I’m a open source advocate but appreciate the value of propriety systems. The goal of my blog is to share my interests and write up guides and tutorials as a way to repay the online community for the help I’ve received over the years.

Reading my blog you’ll learn more about my interests so I won’t ramble on but here’s a list of some of the skills I’ve accrued over the years if you’re curious:

• Proficient in Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and comfortable in Linux (GUI and I can navigate a CLI).
• Plan, acquire, build and maintain x86 systems including workstations and servers.
• Windows Server administration.
• JAMF Pro MDM/Apple DEP/Apple VPP.
• Networking including an understanding of concepts, configuration and documentation (servers, switches, routers, VLANs, link aggregation, DHCP).
• Documentation including topologies.
• Interpersonal communication and being able to listen.
• Making my own network cables (my 2020 Isolation skill upgrade).