M73 Router Update

All of the parts have arrived, been installed and it’s working (after I broke it updating the BIOS and somehow recovering from that mishap), I am yet to configure it beyond installing Window Hyper-V Server 2019.

The fans were a cinch, they’re just typical PWM fans but it’s curious the motherboard has four PWM fan headers (CPU, System and 2x Aux.) – maybe they used the same board for the tower version of the M73 because I promise I couldn’t find a place to mount another fan. The CPU arrived very well packaged by the eBay seller so I’m grateful.

Opened up but untouched, note the 2.5″ hard drive just floating unsecured. No bueno.
The shroud just unclips on two sides revealing the heatsink. I gave it a good dusting along with the rest of the insides. Pictured is the new CPU installed and Arctic Silver thermal compound applied in an X shape for even spread (this is the most contentious part of the upgrade).
Hard drive secured and new fans/CPU in, just the NIC to go.

I ran Coretemp and Prime95 for 10 minutes to quickly see the thermals; the CPU was idling around 35°c and maxed out at about 52°c, so a good result in my book considering it’s nearly silent except for the occasional whirl of the 7200RPM disk and relatively quiet PSU fan.

I’ve confirmed it’s a legit card because I was able to update the pre-boot firmware, it shows up in Windows and works as expected. Loading the drivers for the NIC wasn’t as bad as I thought without Device Manager.

The hardest part of the driver install was working out which driver package I needed but once I realised they’re sorted by type (100mbit, 1gbit, 10gbit, 40gbit) and then platform it was easy. This one needed the 1gbit Windows 10 x64 driver, and I installed it using the command line “pnputil -a D:\intel\*.inf” to install all drivers in the folder.