More Chinese Toys

There’s something magical about the toys you can find at the “Chinese shop” – those shops which sell completely unlicensed or nonsensical items that no one asked for. Here’re some of my latest finds and please excuse the dreadful quality, I took these photos with a potato.

There’s nothing wrong with a sports watch but why is this one being sold in a test tube? Does this pose a risk to health or need to contain remain seeped in oxygen from Guangdong province?
There are numerous references to other Pixar movies in Cars, this action packed set attempts to capture that spirit in the most ambitious cross-over from the Cars and Planes universes, featuring Lightning McQueen Jr., Mater Jr., Lightning McPlane and… a regular passenger plane (with what must be 200″ wheels). Don’t forget to collect them all! Chariots 2.
The Vehicle creative combination toy set includes AIRCRAFT&VEHICLE&SHIP. Pictured is the TOTAL tour bus, Super formula 1 car, SHIP, SPEED plane and regular PLANE plane, helicopter and the Ever Given which blocked the Suez canal earlier this year.
ang. I don’t know what it says behind the dresses and I’m not paying $7.95 to find out. When your product packaging is this well thought out what could possibly go wrong?
FIRE RESCUE, THE BEST WELCOME GIFTS FOR THE CHILDREN. New Products LOOK OUR. This set appears to capture some of the spirit of the 1988 anime movie Akira, where the children can recreate their favorite scenes such as when Tetsuo smashed that punk in the face with a lead pipe while riding his bike. I don’t know.

While editing this post I searched for fire department motorcycle because I just knew the idea was absurd but apparently I live a very sheltered life, behold:

It turns out they serve a very useful role providing rapid response to lightning strikes and some even use water to fight fire. You can read more at Wikipedia.