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My Cheese Burger

Not even two nights have passed since I tried the new Cheesy Beef burger from Maccas and as interesting as it was, I couldn’t help to think about how I would approach making something similar.

A quick dinner

Mine is a simpler burger consisting of four ingredients; black brioche buns, crumbed Camembert, tasty (cheddar) cheese and “Special Cheeseburger Sauce” from Coles. While devoid of other nutrition I suppose it’s high in calcium, maybe some protein though there were no veggies to be seen on the side, oh the irony of a vegetarian dish with no veggies. The crumbed Camembert were thrown into the air fryer (rather placed gently), and the buns insides grilled for a crunch in each bite. Although a good eat I just want to end this post with some commentary on the Coles Cheeseburger Sauce, I thought it was just going to be tomato sauce but I was wrong – if you love fast food pick it up.

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