I once had a philosophical friend who I miss dearly, one day she just disappeared. I believe the Diet Cokes she consumed daily (but assured us it wasn’t an addiction because she knew it was a problem) did her in. Aspartame poisoning? I couldn’t tell you, but that would have been one of her theories.

In her honour here are three of my favourite theories she’s presented:

  1. Space is not real, all evidence could be faked. Why would people go there?
  2. Although made from the same ingredients Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Tenders and any manufactured chicken products taste will vary depending on the shape of the product.
  3. Dinosaurs were not real either.

I don’t know where you are, but I’m sure you’ve got many more theories to share with this world - impart your knowledge with pride and giggle to yourself knowing you've probably just changed the direction of someones day.

Diet Coke facts:

• First released in 1982 it was the second ever product to bear the Coca-Cola name.

• Diet Coke was not based on the original Coke recipe but another sugar-free soft drink from the company, Tab.

• Controversial New Coke was based on a modified Diet Coke recipe but contained high fructose corn syrup (as is common with US soft drinks)