New NAS for Work

We got approval from leadership to replace our NAS used for backups at work so I thought it’d be an interesting topic to write about. Our current solution is a NAS with the disks set up in RAID as an iSCSI target which the Windows Server Backup application on our Hyper-V host uses to create nightly backups of the Hyper-V guests to. The solution works so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel, just recreate it.

Home Network Update November 2020

Since this is my first blog post about my home network since I launched the new blog I’ll make it a bit more detailed. I’m connected to Australia’s NBN network using FTTC technology, pretty lame compared to some other countries but still functional enough at 100/40mbit. It’s a combination of new and (mostly) used technology but I’ve got it all working together.

I’m Back

Hello, and welcome to my blog! After a rather long break I’m back, and this time I’m not playing around with setting up an instance of Ghost or WordPress on a VPS, within a Proxmox guest on my home server or on I’ve chosen to go with Dreamhost which means I won’t need to invest time maintaining the back-end and can focus on delivering content.

Some of the last posts on my old blog were about my home network – the never-complete rolling project, and that’s where I intend to kick things off here soon. I’m sad when a blog I follow just disappears or the author stops posting so I’ll try to be consistent but no promises!

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