The cover photo for this post is from May 2010, right at the start of this decade. It's amazing the difference nearly ten years can make. I was rocking a Sony-Ericsson C903 Cybershot phone, in 2012 the brand dissolved into Sony Mobile. A lot of companies have come and gone but this isn't about the broad technology industry, this post is about me.

The 201st decade (2010 to 2019 for those who don't appreciate my non-typical measurement of time) has been a roller coaster for me. I spent most of the decade working retail and coming to terms with the changes having children of my own (the boys as they are collectively known) would bring. Life became monotonous but my hobbies and interests kept me going. I'd lost 30KG just to put it back on again, owned seven cars (this deserves a post of its own) and my main method of accessing information, like most people, changed from a typical computer to a mobile phone. We'd redone the landscaping in the backyard for the kids three times, going from having no trampoline, to having a trampoline, to having no trampoline again. I guess trampolines are a lifetime milestone.

During this decade I had two more children, the kids and life became harder. It was like resetting the clock and starting again. Where the boys were already self sufficient to some extent the kids relied on us for everything. It pushed us to breaking point. I was fortunate though and there was a spark that kept me going during the, around this time I landed my dream job and something I'd wanted to be doing since I was a child; I entered the I.T. workforce in the education sector where I work with some terrific people and get to challenge myself daily; always learning. It was while working here I got too close to a co-worker; we opened up to each other about issues in our lives and things happened. It put a big strain on both of us personally; people got hurt but the circumstances made everyone aware of issues in our lives and hopefully we've learned to communicate better because of it. I feel like there was a hard reset of my relationships and now I'm just waiting to see if change eventuates (call me naïve but I want to believe it will, for the better).

I've been self destructive in the last month but I'm trying to turn it around. I did manage to lose 10KG in the last two months but put 2KG back on. I'm going to keep doing what I do to lose weight (another post worth typing up) and hopefully reach my goal in 2020. I'll stop the destructive habits and cut out the toxicity. I've started blogging again which was a lost passion and past time. One failure I've allowed to happen was disconnecting or falling away from all of my friends and family which I didn't notice happening at the time but look back on with sadness, being able to reflect and learn from previous mistakes helps us to avoid them happening in the future and having friends and family to lean on is critical for mental health. I'm starting to make new friends and relationships, and think I'm going to be OK.

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