We've had a small Phillips Air Fryer for a few years now and it's been great but the size limits us to half a bag of frozen chips or chicken nuggets at a time and made it impossible to try some of those crazy culinary creations we've been seeing on Facebook. We decided to finally pull the trigger on the Anko but the first problem was getting the unit - all of our local Kmarts were out of stock! Undeterred we looked online, not paying $10 to ship it to our door but interestingly there was a click and collect option, with the pick up location being a local Target store. Odd but it could make sense because they're both owned by Wesfarmers, maybe it would be a distribution center deal? No. They used Australia Posts eParcel service to ship it to the Target store. For the same price they could have shipped it to my door. Oh well.

After unboxing and getting it set up (this thing is huge) it was time to bake a cake in it for a test using an air fryer accessory kit purchased online.

As dry as the Australian Outback.

The cake was successfully cooked and was an immediate choking hazard due to how dry it was! I'll keep trying new recipes and will post about the success and failures experienced for your entertainment or inspiration.