Yet More Chinese Toys

I’ll preface this by saying I don’t remember which toys I’ve already posted so if you remember one from last time just enjoy it 🙂

“Give children the dest gift” says the packaging for this incredible Peppa Pig Happy Pig set. These don’t look too bad actually.
Next up is this baby which is either tiny or has a gigantic rubber duck accompanying it in the bath. This is Baby’s WORLD, accompanies baby have a happy babyhood. I wish you all the best baby and hope the skin growth on your head doesn’t lead to complications in the future.
Not much to say here, it’s bubble solution and some wands. Interestingly the subtitle implores you not to drink the solution but if you do worry not, it’s non-toxic.
If only there were a round letter in the word pOlice they could have used to place the badge icon, unfortunately Di Yuan Bo couldn’t find it. In this exciting set you’ll be creating a safe city environment! Set off at once to defend the city! I don’t know what city it is but their police force is well equipped when it comes to vehicles – They have three wheeled motorcycles, two fighter aircrafts for air superiority, amphibious boats with anti-aircraft cannons, squad cars and of course special operations busses ready to neutralize terrorists.
When you visit the doctor it’s very important that you specify if you want to visit the doctor with the blue set who heals flesh wounds or the pink equipped doctor who can supply medication. Either doctor carries their own spoon for eating their breakfast which is nice.Don’t forget the requisite for attending medical school, poor vision requiring glasses.
The misspelling and artwork cracked me up.
Let’s go to play! With the Fight Top. This totally legit Beyblade inspired set features a 5 dimensional system, remarkable since I’ve only experienced 3 dimensions in my life.
Finally a clearly licensed product, this PJ MASKS set tells me to “Happy childhood have I accompany” – uhhh what? They feature a super warrior energy.
Following up from the top movie hit Frozen, today we feature the 2019 sequal FASHION II. Did you know every girl has a princess dream? This tidbit of knowledge is going to change my entire outlook on life.
This beauty set reveals the most interesting detail in small print at the bottom: “Mother’s choice lays the treasure for their children development!” OK where’s the treasure? It’s in the mothers heart of course.